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O-tek's GRP piping systems represent an optimal quality solution for many water infrastructure projects. These pipes have a long life, do not corrode and have a proven resistance to aggressive environments typical of sanitation systems. They are lightweight and are built on there the most strict quality standards respecting above all the environment.

The polyester reinforced with fiberglass pipes and accessories can be used in multiple applications:

  • Drinkable water ducts.
  • Sewer and rain water collectors.
  • Hydroelectric plants.
  • Industrial projects.
  • Irrigation systems.



Pipelines benefits offered by O-tek



Corrosion resistant materials

  • Long service life
  • No coating, cathodic protection, wraps or other corrosion protection
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Hydraulic properties remain essentially constant within time
Low weight (1/4 The weight of ductile iron and 1/10 of the concrete)
  • Lower cost of transportation (Nest able)
  • No need for expensive handling equipment
High standard length (up to 14 m, including any length less than this)
  • The lower number of joints, reduce the installation time
  • More piping per transportation vehicle, this means lower dispatch costs
Smooth inner surface
  • Lower loss by friction means lower pumping energy and lower operational costs
  • Minimum accumulation of sludge reduces cleaning costs

REKA type unions with elastomeric gaskets

  • Tight and efficient joints designed to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration
  • Easy to join, reduce installation time
  • They adapt to small changes of direction in the pipeline without accessories or different adjustments
Flexible  manufacturing process Special diameters can be manufactured according to the customer's needs to provide maximum flow volume, facilitating installation in rehabilitation projects.
Design in high-tech pipes Lower wave celerity than other piping materials means lower design costs for overpressure and water hammer efect.

High-tech manufacturing system that produces pipes that meet the highest standards (AWWA, ASTM, DIN, etc...)

High and consistent quality product worldwide proven.

O-tek also manufactures accessories for piping

O-tek offers a line of accessories FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polyester or GRP Glass, Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic pipes for its acronym in English) which are molded or manufactured from the same raw materials used to manufacture the pipes. One of the advantages of this production system is the ability to manufacture a variety of standard or custom fixtures.

The manufacturing method of the accessories is done by Hand Layup or Filament.